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Abuse: The Dark Side of Fundamental Rights  
By András Sajó

This book addresses the problem of abuse - not what is commonly understood as 'abuse of human rights' where authorities violate fundamental rights by simply denying them. Rather, it r...

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Accountability in International Territorial Administrations (festschrift)  
By Aleksandar Momirov

This book conceptualizes the accountability deficit of missions engaged in the international administration of territories. In so doing, a public-law approach is adopted. The book explores to what...

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Aeronautical Public Correspondence by Satellite  
By Tare Brisibe

This book covers the evolution of satellite based Aeronautical Public Correspondence and the operational environment in which services are being offered. Followed by an examination of applicable...

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Agreed Sums Payable upon Breach of an Obligation.Rethinking Penalty and Liquidated Damages Clauses  
By Pascal Hachem

This book undertakes a comparative analysis of the ways in which legal systems in all regions of the world deal with agreed sums payable upon breach of an obligation which is unique in its breadth....

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Agricultural Policy and EU Competition Law - Landbouwbeleid en EU-mededingingsrecht  
By Sybe De Vries, Anna Gerbrandy

This book focuses on the question of whether European agricultural legislation and competition rules offer any scope for self-regulation in the European dairy market. Within this larger question,...

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An Inconvenient Responsibility  
By Rene Lefeber

An Inconvenient Responsibility

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Anti-Suit Injunctions in International Commercial Arbitration  
By Olivier Mosimann

Anti-suit injunctions are orders restraining a party from commencing or continuing proceedings before a state court and can be issued by a court or arbitral tribunal. The book examines if and when...

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Applicable Law in International Investment Disputes  
By Taida Begic

This book gives a comprehensive overview of all relevant aspects of the issue of applicable substantive law in the context of investor/State arbitration. It is a comparative survey of both the...

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Art Projects for Young Children  
By Jane A. Caballero, Ph.D

Developing a basic art program can be easy, even with a limited budget or time schedule. Over 100 stimulating projects that will improve motor skills are compiled here, along with detailed...
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Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Concurrence of Technical and Judicial Inquiries in the Netherlands  
By Ronald Schnitker, Dick van ‘t Kaar

The relationship between the technical and the criminal aviation accident and incident investigations plays a significant role towards the enhancement of civil aviation safety. Obviously this is a...

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